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Precisely outline a single stroke
Long-lasting makeup/smooth water/not easy to break ink

◆No smudging, anti-tear, sweat, waterproof, sebum function, can maintain perfect eyeliner for a long time.
◆Extremely thin pen tip, only 0.1mm in front, easy to draw the gap between eyelashes and outline the end of the eye.
◆Removable in warm water!


The elastic bristles have a perfect arc and toughness that are not easy to split,
easily draw a curve. The tip is extremely thin and the color is high.
It can outline a very clear and sharp eyeliner, making the eye shape more obvious and the contour line sharper

Made in Taiwan
Quality Assurance
3 simple steps to draw eyeliner

Use dry powder to set makeup first, the eyeliner is not easy to smudge

Draw the inner eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes so that the end of the eye can rise outward

The lower eye face is connected to the upper eyeliner near the end of the eye 1/3

Business item

Shengxin Chemical was established in 1991

Makeup category
Finished product's own brand·Eyeliner·Liquid Eyeliner·Water-based press-tearable finger pen
Nano...Ink manufacturing for nano coating
Special ink for LED light board
And...Import and export business of all kinds of chemicals above.
Quality Assurance
R&D, production, quality control
SHENG HSIN Years of experience

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